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DTEC-BC-PRO DTEC Boost Controller Pro
DTEC-FC DTEC Fuel Computer

Product Description

  • DTEC Boost Controller Pro (DTEC-BC-PRO)
    The DTEC Boost Controller Pro is quite simply THE BEST boost controller ever made. It turns your Gameboy Advance SP into a powerful Electronic Boost Controller capable of controlling boost pressures in excess of 60psi. The DTEC Boost Controller Pro allows everything from simple “one number” boost control that can be set up in minutes to the most advanced closed loop, gear dependent, RPM, and throttle position based programmable boost controller ever conceived. It comes standard with 60+psi capable inline boost control solenoid; 45psi MAP sensor; KnockLite detonation detector and more.

Advanced features include the ability to store and switch between five (5) different boost maps; scramble mode; overboost protection; “start boost” feature to speed turbo spool up; and gain control. You even have the option of adding a second solenoid (sold separately) to completely control pressure to both the top and bottom of you external wastegate for the ULTIMATE in high boost control.

  • DTEC Fuel Computer (DTEC-FC)
    With the purchase of the DTEC-FC from TurboXS, you can turn your Gameboy into a powerful electronic fuel computer. The DTEC fuel computer adjusts the Air/Fuel Ratio by modifying the air-flow meter/MAP sensor signal against engine load and RPM with tuning resolution that is second to none.
  • DTEC Fuel Computer/Boost Controller (DTEC-BCFC)
    Choose the DTEC Fuel Computer from TurboXS, and you have a powerful Electronic Fuel Computer and all advantages of the DTEC Boost Controller Pro in one unit.

NOTE: The Gameboy Advance SP is not included. While it is required to set up the boost controller and fuel maps you do not have to leave it plugged into the DTEC Unit.

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