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STILLEN VK-Pro II Plug & Play Power Module

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Product Description

The VK-Pro II Power Module is a complete plug and play tuning solution for Nissan and Infiniti owners that want to take their Titan / Armada / QX56 with the VK56DE V8 engine to the top levels of NA tuning.

By altering timing and fuel STILLEN is able to optimize the power of the 5.6L V8 and provide a boost of over 30 HP and 40 Lb-ft. of torque @ 4000rpm, where it’s most effective. All of this power was found on a showroom stock vehicle. We’ve done all of the tuning for you on our own trucks on our in-house dyno, going through multiple revisions and refining the tune to extract the maximum power while retaining everyday reliability and drivability. Now there is no trial and error or expensive dyno time needed, just plug in the VK-Pro II and enjoy the ride.

This system is designed as a plug and play unit – easily installed and removed. Trucks with an intake, exhaust and/or headers will also see great benefits. This power module is not to be used in conjunction with any other form of computer control or a forced induction system.

Must use 91 octane fuel or higher.

Features & Benefits:

  • The wiring harness is manufactured by a company which specializes in Aircraft wiring for military applications, and is made to the same quality standards and passes the same tests as wiring for military aircraft.
  • Each harness is electrically tested before shipping to ensure perfect assembly and function.
  • The wiring harness provides easy installation/removal in 30 minutes or less.
  • Factory ECU still monitors knock sensors and all factory sensors to ensure safety and reliability.
  • Now available for both 2004-2006 & 2007-2008 vehicles.
  • Will work with oversized tires / lifted / off-road vehicles.
  • No complicated tuning. Just plug in and enjoy.
  • No down time.

Important Information:

  • Not to be used with timing advance (Commonly Referred to as “2 Degree Advance”).
  • Not to be used with ECU Reflash.
  • Not to be used with any other computer chip / programmer / or forced induction systems.
  • Not to be used with Ethanol fuel. Ethanol fuel is not a performance fuel and does not have the same burn characteristics as traditional fuel.

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