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STILLEN Camber Adjusters & Toe Arms

Brand: STILLEN | Category: Alignment Kits

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Product Description

The leaders in Nissan tuning, STILLEN, have just released the perfect camber solution for lowered 350Z’s, G35’s and G37’s! Lowering your Z or G will offer not only an aggressive look, but handling to match. However, you’re going to want to adjust the camber to save your tires.

Front Camber Adjusters
After countless hours of R & D and numerous months of road testing our Front Adjustable Camber Arms for the Z and G are now available. The STILLEN Front Adjustable Camber Arms will set proper camber, saving your tires (and money) while driving normally, and allow -2.5 Degree to +.25 Degree of adjustment (total of 2.75 Degrees of adjustment) necessary by some competition driving. Designed to out-last and to out-perform, these adjustable camber arms are constructed of 4130 Chrome Moly Steel and are Zinc plated for added corrosion defense. Other added benefits and features include lubricant-retaining urethane bushings and Grade-8 fasteners.

The STILLEN design replaces the soft rubber factory bushings with polyurethane bushings. These have superior handling characteristics and are designed to closely control the movement of the suspension. On some vehicles this kit can uncover existing suspension noise that was masked by the stock soft rubber bushings, this is a normal by-product of eliminating suspension slop, and is not generated by the STILLEN part itself.

For an excellent compliment and complete suspension tuning, add our Rear Adjustable Camber and Toe Arms.

Rear Camber Adjusters
If you have lowered either, your rear camber is off and the best solution for the correct suspension setup is STILLEN’s New Rear Camber Adjusters complete with Rod-Ends. Designed for race-precision adjustments and long service life, these rear camber adjusters are equipped with hemispherical rod-ends that allow incredibly controlled rear suspension travel & predictable response. They also improve handling and allow for even tire wear!.

Rear Adjustable Toe Arms
STILLEN’s Rear Adjustable Toe Arms are the answer to your toe angle adjustment problems. In stock form the Z’s factory step up is already pushed to its limits, by adding bigger wheels and lowering your Z or G you’re now prone to misalignment and premature and uneven tire wear. With these Rear Adjustable Toe Arms you are now able adjust the rear toe angle on your sports car to proper specs. When adjusted correctly you can now alleviate the issue of premature tire wear due to incorrect toe angles and improve traction stability and handling. Along with the rear toe arms, complete the combo by adding STILLEN’s Rear Camber Adjusters which allows you to completely adjust your rear alignment correctly.

NOTE: Excludes Rear Active Steer models

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