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STACK Digital Video Recorder - Clubman UNIVERSAL

Brand: STACK | Category: Mobile Electronics
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ST8371 DVR Digital Video Recorder
1-Camera Starter Kit
ST8372 DVR Digital Video Recorder
2-Camera Starter Kit
ST8373 DVR Digital Video Recorder
3-Camera Starter Kit
ST8384 DVR Digital Video Recorder
Starter Kit

Product Description

The Clubman-3 DVR is perfect for all forms of club and semi-professional motorsport that don’t require a waterproof unit. The Clubman-3 DVR offers high-performance coupled with outstanding reliability yet is exceptional value for money. The Clubman DVR supports bit rates up to 10 Mbps.

The Clubman-3 features up to 3 camera inputs. Using the supplied drag-and-drop PC configuration software, the recorded image can be made up of any combination of the 3 camera input images.

Key Features

  • 3 camera inputs
  • 7 Fixed Bit-rates (1 Mbps Min. 10 Mbps Max.)
  • 14-140 Mins/Gbyte @ full resolution
  • 0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF) operating temp. range
  • 32 GB maximum card size
  • 9 to 20V DC powered
  • Sealed CF card door (when closed)
  • 15 W “D” connector, 3.5mm AV jack, Micro-USB
  • External Status LED

Each Stack DVR comes complete with harnesses, including camera and mic power outputs, record control switch and status lamp. The externally visible LED status lamp indicates record status, CF card “free memory” status and common error conditions. A full user guide is also included.

Solid-State Video Solution
For high quality video recordings on the move, Stack’s rugged Solid-State Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) provide the optimum solution and are specifically designed for use in harsh environments found in Motorsport.

Stack’s digital video recorders employ broadcast standard MPEG-2 video compression to record high quality real-time video and audio direct to a Compact Flash (CF) card. The card can be removed with ease and played on a PC or laptop using a standard media player application. Recordings can be archived direct to DVD for playback on either a PC or a DVD player.

Stack DVRs feature a rugged machined aluminium housing specifically designed and manufactured to protect the unit in harsh and extreme environments. The unit is compact and durable with no moving parts (other than the sealed CF card access door), and is capable of operating where normal VCRs or DV recorders are not. Recording in harsh environments, such as continual shock and vibration, and extreme climate conditions is now entirely possible, making it ideal for all demanding recording applications. Its anti-vibration and shock-resistant abilities make Stack DVR’s uniquely resistant to extreme conditions encountered in Motorsport.

The new Stack range of DVRs has a model to suit your needs: choose from variants offering 3 or 4 camera inputs, higher bit-rate options for broadcast quality recordings, models offering completely sealed units to IP67, extended operating temperature ranges, and extended recording capacity. GPS and G-force Data Overlay can also be added to your DVR as an option.

Stack DVRs provide superior high-quality video recording in real time over a wide range of bit rates suitable for different applications – up to 10 Mbps is available with Stack’s Motorsport range, quality equivalent or better than DV tape. Video professionals requiring higher bit-rates (up to 40 Mbps peak VBR) are directed to our DVR-500.

Enhanced range with multi-camera processors built-in
Stack’s enhanced range of DVRs have built in multi-camera processors. Simple to use PC software enables you to create your own multi-camera screen layout, positioning, cutting, cropping and scaling individual camera images as required. Unlike some other systems, our multi-camera Starter Kits are supplied with only high quality cameras, so that you can maintain each picture-in-picture at full resolution if desired, while cropping it to show only the area of interest, without loss of quality.

Multi-Camera Screen Display
Stack’s multiple camera DVRs capture the whole story. Multiple camera angles add significantly to the awareness you have about your driving, the vehicle’s performance and other vehicles around you.

Both the PRO-4 DVR and Clubman-3 DVR incorporate built-in multi-camera processors that allow any format of multiple PAL or NTSC cameras (up to 3 or 4 inputs, depending on model) to be recorded simultaneously with configurable scaling, crop, mirror, flip and positioning of each picture. Unlike other systems, picture-in-picture can be recorded at full resolution, or larger if desired.

Stack’s multiple camera input DVRs give the user full control over all screen elements. Together with comprehensive recording set-up using the DVR Configuration Utility, standard across all models, the advanced Custom Display Utility provides complete control of each picture’s size, position, picture cropping and position.

The easy-to-use software utilises a simple click and drag interface to set up how each input channel is displayed.

Configuation Utility
Stack’s DVR configuation utility software gives the user full control of recording options including recording quality, screen aspect ratio, sound levels, g-sensor record triggers and CF card formatting.

Cameras & Microphones
We can supply both bullet / lipstick cameras (CCD) and amplified microphones which provide the highest quality video and audio signals to match the high quality recording of Stack’s Digital Video Recorder range.

Compact Flash (CF) Cards
We are happy to supply Harsh Environment Compact Flash (CF) cards in various memory sizes and industrial or commercial grades. Please contact your dealer/ distributor for details.

GPS & G-force Data Overlay Option
The GPS and G-force Data Overlay option can be added to your DVR. Simply plug in the optional GPS receiver and speed, position, altitude, time and date information can be overlaid on the recorded video image, along with the lateral-, long- and vertical-g data from the internal 3-axis accelerometer. Positioning the data on the image is simple, using the “drag-and-drop” PC configuration software (left).

A screen-shot from one of the camera inputs can be used as a background to further aid overlay composition.

The internal g sensor can also be used to automatically stop/start recordings.

Video Data Overlay Expansion System
The Stack Video Data Overlay Expansion System transforms your DVR and existing Stack Display or Steering Wheel System and DVR into a powerful data logging system without the need for a PC.

Real-time performance data is overlaid on the video picture along with engine parameters and driver activity channels. You can now see your RPM, speed, gear, throttle angle and brake pressure for every point on the track. Note your maximum speeds in the straights and minimum speeds through each corner. And our patented Performance Meter and Predicted Lap Time displays enable you to see exactly where time has been gained or lost on the track, compared to the fastest lap to date.

The Video Data Overlay Expansion System connects between the camera and the DVR. A second connection to any existing Stack Display or Steering Wheel System (ST8100, ST8130, ST8110SR, ST8600 etc.). This provides power for the system and data for RPM, Speed, 2 temperatures, 2 pressures, and lap times*. Internally generated channels are lateral and long g’s, battery volts, lap number, best lap time, Performance Meter and Predictive Lap Time (Requires appropriate sensors to be connected to existing Stack Display System).

Synchronized Video Logging
The Stack Synchronized Video-Logger System enables up to 256 channels of data from any point on a vehicle or craft to be recorded synchronously with video from as many as 4 cameras and 2 channels of audio.

The system uses a unique approach to enable data from our Display and Data-Logging Systems to be continuously synchronized with video and audio recorded using a standard camcorder or video recorder. For high vibration and restricted space applications, Stack’s range of harsh environment DVRs are the perfect video and audio source.

Firmware Upgrades
At Stack we are constantly working hard to improve the performance and capabilities of our products. Keep your DVR system up to date by downloading the latest firmware upgrade.

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