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Sparco Seat - Tuner Series - R700P UNIVERSAL

Brand: Sparco | Category: Seats
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00947PRS Milano Prestige Tuner Seat
Color Red
Fabric Leather
Shell Fiberglass
00947PNR Milano Prestige Tuner Seat
Color Black
Fabric Leather
Shell Fiberglass
00947PBE R700P Tuner Seat
Color Tan
Fabric Leather
Shell Fiberglass

Product Description

Drawing on our decades of racing history, Sparco has created an extensive line of street car seats that offer the ultimate in comfort and performance. Our ergonomic designs help cradle and protect the driver against even the most demanding lateral forces. The Sparco R700P is our premium street seat that is the ultimate combination of form and function. Each seat is handcrafted in Italy using the most advanced ergonomic technology. It offers precise lumbar and backrest adjustments and an adjustable leg support cushion for taller drivers. The backrest is curved to follow the natural shape of the driver’s spine. The Italian leather-wrapped cover features elegant tone-on-tone stitching. Available in black, the R700 will allow you to gain absolute control of your vehicle and enhance your driving experience.

  • Handcrafted in Italy using advanced ergonomic technology
  • 100% Italian leather
  • Curved backrest follows the natural shape of the spine
  • Precise lumbar and backrest adjustment
  • Adjustable leg support cushion for taller drivers
  • TUV homologated
  • Tested and approved to ECE 17 (Europe) and FMVSS 208 (USA) standards

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