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Sparco Competition Accessories - Fire Supression System

Brand: Sparco | Category: Fire Supression

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Product Description

Sparco Touring and Rally Car Fire Systems feature the 02000 foam extinguishing agent AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam). 02000smothers the fire with a fine mist that coats the area extinguishing the fire and laying a film that cools the surface and prevents re-ignition. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-ozone depleting, non-corrosive and biodegradable. 02000 is approved by the FIA and SCCA. Available in 4 liter cylinders, each system is supplied with all components necessary for a easy and professional installation. Available in 2 actuating types; Pull Cable and Electrical.

Both Mechanical and Electric Models include:
-5 Meters of Semi-Rigid Alloy Tubing and Tube Mounting Clips
-3 T Fittings
-Mechanical Model has both 12 foot and 6 foot T-Handle Cables
-4 Liter Aluminum Cylinders, 160mm Diameter
-Aluminum Anodized Mounting Brackets with Steel Straps
-Quick Release push fitting F02
-4 Compact Firing Heads
-Total Discharge Activation
-Fully flexible internal pickup tube
-Specially designed nozzles which divides the foam into fine particles for maximum coverage
-Decal Kit

Electric Model has an additional Compact Firing Head, 2 electrical connectors & leads, Cockpit Switch, External Waterproof Switch and Power Pack

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