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Snow Performance Nitro Booster UNIVERSAL

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40007 Nitro Booster
SNO-40007 Snow Performance High Horsepower Nitro Booster Additive
Size 8oz Bottle

Product Description

Nitro Booster™ is a great power adder designed for use with gasoline engines using Boost Cooler™ water-methanol injection kits. A proprietary blend of nitro methane and a specially developed emulsifier that keeps Nitro Booster™ equally distributed in the water-methanol mixture. This allows for a small percentage of nitro methane to be injected into the engine in the correct proportion with air and fuel to produce impressive increases in power. Usually, around 30 to 50hp increase can be measured. Nitro methane has fewer BTUs than gasoline, but contains oxygen and acts like a chemical supercharger and an octane enhancer to safely increase power.

NOTE Nitro Booster CAN NOT be shipped outside of the United States.

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