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Shining Monkey No Spitting Tire Shine UNIVERSAL

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18017 No Spitting Tire Shine
18017CASE No Spitting Tire Shine
Case of 12

Product Description

Don’t you hate it when you spend all day washing and waxing your car to have it all ruined by tire dressing flinging all over the side of your car when you drive and attracting dust and dirt?

No Spitting! No Fling! No Sling!

We do too!! Thats why we developed Shining Monkey’s NO SPITTING Tire Shine.

Shining Monkey No Spitting Tire Shine doesn’t spit up on your car, it doesn’t fling, sling or get messy on your freshly cleaned paint.

Shining Monkey’s revolutionary formula gets sprayed on the tires and stays there! Just where it was intended to shine and giving protection to your tires.

Best of all Shining Monkey’s No Spitting Tire Shine is packaged in aerosol cans with no environmentally harmful CFC’s. There is no need for sponges, wipes or dirty, messy applicators… simply spray on and drive away.

This is the stuff you have been hearing about, seeing at the car shows, reading about in magazines, our formula will revolutionize the way you look at tire dressing.

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