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Shining Monkey D-Spec Hand Glaze UNIVERSAL

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18147 D-Spec Hand Glaze
18147CASE D-Spec Hand Glaze
Case of 12

Product Description

The Shining Monkey D-Spec Hand Glaze is developed for the extra step of TLC, in completing the award winning showcar finish you’re looking for. Like the entire D-Spec lineup, the Hand Glaze is an easy-to-use, highly effective treatment for your vehicle.

The special formula was developed using a unique combination of rich natural oils and emollients to add the ultimate depth to your car’s paint.

In addition, the D-Spec Hand Glaze will also remove fine scratches in the clear coat and replenish with a combination of proprietary oils. For the ultimate high shine with no protection, use the D-Spec Hand Glaze.

Features and Benefits

  • Restores Paint Color and Clear Coat Polymers
  • Promotes Deep Wet Look
  • Removes Fine Swirls and Micro Scratches
  • Body Shop Safe
  • Easy On, Easy Off!
  • Concours Quality
  • Longer Lasting Shine

Proper Car Care Tip
You should always clean from the top of the car to the bottom. Remember the bottom areas are usually a lot dirtier, plus you won’t contaminate the clean areas with that filth. Dry the car the same way leaving the lower areas and rear for last.

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