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Shining Monkey D-Spec Glass Cleaner UNIVERSAL

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18007 D-Spec Glass Cleaner
18007CASE D-Spec Glass Cleaner
Case of 12

Product Description

Just got back your car from the shop, all 350 wheel horse power supplied by that huge Turbonetics turbo and abnormal sized Spearco intercooler and you’re ready to hit the street! Overlooked anything? The most commonly neglected safety issue, your windshield and windows! The last thing you need is a dirty window while you’re blasting down that “closed circuit track,” testing your cars’ top speed.

Don’t worry the Shining Monkey Glass Cleaner has got your covered! A high foaming, aerosol glass cleaner will have you seeing crystal clear in no time. Containing no CFC’s, Ammonia or any other abrasives will ensure neither you, the environment or even your tint will get damaged during the process.

This streak free, residue free glass cleaner is the perfect addition to your car care supplies. A quick and deep cleaning formula that will remove bugs, dirt, oil, grease, fingerprints, tree sap and other gunk you manage to pickup on your ride.

Features and Benefits

  • No Streaking
  • No Ammonia
  • Deep Cleaning
  • No Haze
  • Residue Free
  • Easy On, Easy Off!¬†
  • Concours Quality¬†
  • Longer Lasting Shine

Proper Car Care Tip
You should always clean from the top of the car to the bottom. Remember the bottom areas are usually a lot dirtier, plus you won’t contaminate the clean areas with that filth. Dry the car the same way leaving the lower areas and rear for last.

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