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SARD Oil Cooling Block UNIVERSAL

Brand: SARD | Category: Oil Coolers
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
XA19305 Plug Bolt
Size M14X1.5
XA19311 Center Bolt
Size ?75 3/4-16UNF
XA63230 Oil Cooling Block
Size ?65?3/4-16UNF
XA72001 Copper Washer
XA19309 Center Bolt
Size ?65 3/4-16UNF
XA63231 Oil Cooling Block
Size ?65?M20X1.5
XA19303 Adapter Fitting
Size M14X1.5-1/8PT
XA63232 Oil Cooling Block
Size ?75?3/4-16UNF
XA19304 Plug Bolt
Size 1/8PT
XA19310 Center Bolt
Size ?65 M20X1.5

Product Description

The SARD Cooling Block allows the vehicle to add an oil cooler, if the vehicle does not have one. Attaches to factory oil filter base, or SARD oil filter relocation base.

The SARD Cooling Block has attachments to connect to oil cooler lines with standard M14 × 1.5 AN Fittings.


  • Cooling Block
  • Center Bolt
  • 1/8PT Plug Bolt
  • M14 × 1.5 Plug Bolt
  • Rubber O-Ring
  • Copper Washer

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