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SARD Fuel Collection Tank UNIVERSAL

Brand: SARD | Category: Oil Catch Cans / Fluid Tanks
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
XA19460 Exclusive Adapter
Size AN#6-NPT1/4
XA58260 Fuel Collector Tank Kit
Large for 2 Pumps
XA75224 Stainless Mesh Hose
2 Meters
Size #6
XA58261 Fuel Collector Tank Kit
Small for 1 Pump
XA75230 Oil Proof Harness For Power Supply
1 Meter
XA19461 Exclusive Adapter
Size AN#8-NPT1/4
XA75234 Fuel Hose
1 Meter
Size ? 8
XA19462 Exclusive Adapter
Size ? 8 Nipple-NPT1/4

Product Description

There are fuel delivery issues when using the factory tank in a racing application, where high lateral g’s can cause the fuel to ‘slosh’ around and the fuel pickup can be starved of fuel.

The fuel collector tank can eliminate this effect, and can also offer the option for running two fuel pumps.

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