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Brand: SARD | Category: Wideband O2 Sensors & Gauges
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XA60217 Sensor Fitting
XA60218 A/F Sensor Cable
XA60219 A/F Sensor
XA67502 A/F Device

Product Description

The SARD A/F Device works in conjunction with the SARD Analyzer and is an extremely accurate air fuel monitoring device that utilizes precise electronics and wideband O2 sensor to monitor Air Fuel ratios.

Monitoring Air Fuel ratio is extremely important when tuning, and can notify of problems with the fuel delivery of the vehicle.

SARD has an excellent reputation for accuracy and excellence of their electronics division.

A/F Device is used for tuning the vehicle on the dyno and while driving.

Included 5-wire wideband O2 sensor is extremely precise and should be removed when not tuning, to prolong the life of the sensor.


  • A/F Device Control Module
  • A/F Device Sensor Cable (O2 Sensor Harness)
  • 5-Wire O2 Sensor
  • Harness connector to SARD Analyzer

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