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Recaro Child Seat - ProBOOSTER UNIVERSAL

Brand: Recaro | Category: Seats
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362.01.KAEC ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color Brown / Tan / Rasberry
362.01.KAEG ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color Brown / Tan / Light Green
362.01.AK21 ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color Blue / Black / Grey
362.01.QA56 ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color Black / Grey / Red
362.01.QA9N ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color Black / Dark Grey / Purple
362.01.QQ11 ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color Black Microsuede
362.01.QQ14 ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color Black / Tan Microsuede
362.01.QQ95 ProBOOSTER Child Seat
Color 2-Tone Grey Microsuede

Product Description

Quality is synonymous with RECARO. We take great measures in engineering and the production of our child car seats. In order to maintain the highest levels of quality control the ProBOOSTER is “Assembled in the U.S.A..”

Every RECARO child car seat is designed with the added advantage of our auto racing safety expertise, automotive seating and ergonomic comfort knowledge.

RECARO engineers work closely with the engineers at many of the automotive companies around the world. The seats we design for the automotive industry are developed years before the car is sold to the public. Our extensive knowledge of current and future automotive seating technology gives RECARO a unique advantage developing child car seats.


  • Side Impact Protection
    RECARO’s Side Impact Protection is designed to distinctly protect 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact collision – their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis.
  • QuickLift Head Restraint
    Simple adjustment lever allows for easy head restraint adjustment. Eleven head restraint positions ensure proper positioning of the child for optimized safety and comfort.
  • CoolMesh Air Ventilation
    Mesh insert allows air to flow through the ProBOOSTER for added comfort.
  • EasyGuide Belt Guides
    Color coded plastic belt guides indicate the proper path and positioning of the vehicle seat belt for comfort and optimized safety.
  • QuickFlip Recline Bar

    Recline adjustment bar allows for easy adjustment and ensures proper positioning of the ProBOOSTER in your vehicle.
  • SoftTouch Seat Cushion

    Seat cushion is made of real “PUR” automotive comfort foam for maximum comfort.
  • EPS Foam

    Expanded Polystyrene “EPS” foam absorbs crash force energy through the ProBOOSTER for added protection.
  • PUR Automotive Comfort Foam
Seat cushion made of real “PUR” automotive foam for maximum comfort
  • Highest Weight Limit Available

    At 120 pounds, the ProBOOSTER has the highest child occupant weight capacity available today in a High Back Belt Positioning Booster Seat.


RECARO Side Impact Protection Protects 5 vulnerable areas of your child during a side impact collision.

RECARO developed and optimized side impact protection for race car seats in the 1990’s then quickly adapted our expertise to set a new standard for premium child safety seats.

  • HEAD: The pronounced head wings protect your child from the likelihood of serious head injuries caused by the side-to-side crash forces common during side impact collisions.
  • FACE: Intruding objects, such as the door of a vehicle can cause harm to your child’s soft facial tissue. Pronounced head wings provide a barrier between your child and intruding objects.
  • NECK: The proprietary head restraint and ergonomic shell limit lateral movement of your child’s neck during a side impact collision, reducing the risk of neck and spinal cord injuries.
  • TORSO: Your child’s torso is vulnerable to internal injuries during a side impact collision. Pronounced side bolsters limit extreme side-to-side crash forces.
  • PELVIS: RECARO’s hip and thigh bolsters are designed to protect your child from pelvic fractures and muscle damage, which can occur during a side impact collision.

The ProBOOSTER is tested to and exceeds all U.S. federal regulations for safety. All RECARO seats are evaluated in our seating competency centers in both the U.S. and Europe.

  • FMVSS 213
    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Child Restraint Systems
  • FMVSS 302
    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Flammability of Interior Materials
  • ADAC
    Most recognized Automotive Testing Organization in Europe for Side Impact Protection Testing

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