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Omni Power Valvetrain - High Compression Valves

Brand: Omni Power | Category: Valvetrain

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Product Description

Omni-Power valves are constructed with both performance and OEM reliability in mind. Our intake valve is a 1 piece forging using Japanese SUH-11 stainless steel. This material is suitable for both high temperatures and has the hardness required to prevent the valve tip from mushrooming during extreme use. Our exhaust valve is a 2 piece friction welded forging that uses an NCF-751 Inconel head, mated to an SUH-11 stem. This provides the ultimate combination of material for both extreme temperatures and valve stem tip fatigue resistance. A flat bottom design is used to increase compression ratios by .3-.5 depending on engine size.

Omni-Power valves are much stronger and last longer than EV-8 valves as well as many other aftermarket valves. Omni-Power valves are also available in standard compression for N/A and Turbo applications.

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