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MSD Ignition Conversion Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: MSD | Category: Ignition Control
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
8502 Extreme Output HEI Kit
Incl. Module/Coil/Cap/Rotor/Dust Cover
8501 Ultimate HEI Kit
Ignition Conversion Kit
Incl Dist. Cap/Rotor/Module/Coil/Dust Cover
For Use w/Non-Computerized 4-Pin Module HEIs Only

Product Description

The Ultimate HEI Kit – Part# 8501 – The Ultimate HEI Kit has everything you need to make your early model GM HEI Distributor a great performance distributor!

The MSD HEI Module features special circuitry that produces 50% higher coil drive currents than a stock module resulting in higher spark energy at racing rpm. By matching the Coil specifications with the module, MSD also delivers more accurate timing and dwell control.

MSD vs Stock HEITo ensure all of this new power makes it to the plugs, the kit is supplied with a high quality rotor and a durable cap with brass terminals for superior conductivity. Even a new dust cover to top it all off is supplied.

Don’t mess around with stock appearing ignition modules and cheap overseas models. The MSD Ultimate HEI Kit delivers proven performance!

Extreme HEI Performance Kit – Part# 8502 – After nearly 30 years since its introduction, who would have thought that the GM HEI distributor would still be used in thousands of cars. The aftermarket is ripe with replacement HEI modules, coils and caps, but no one has reinvented the HEI, until now! MSD’s Extreme Output HEI system features an amazing ignition module that is capable of producing up to 20 Amps to drive the coil! Yes, 20 Amps! Obviously, an oversized coil is required to handle this energy so our engineers devised an all new coil which can deliver over 100 millijoules of energy across the plug gap. All of this energy is monitored and controlled cylinder to cylinder by a 32 Mhz RISC microcontroller.

To handle all of this energy and the larger coil, a new cap and rotor had to be engineered. Our HEI Cap is molded from DuPont Rynite material which has high dielectric properties. The Cap must be used in order to fit the larger Extreme Output Coil, and it can still be installed on factory distributor housings.

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