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Part #: E-311/16
Notes: Quick Wax
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E-311/32 $21.00 Notes Quick Wax
E-314/16 $17.50 Notes Carnauba Supreme Wax
E-314/32 $25.00 Notes Carnauba Supreme Wax
E-316/16 $24.50 Notes Triple Play Swirl Mark Remover
E-316/32 $36.00 Notes Triple Play Swirl Mark Remover
E-321/16 $18.00 Notes Super Seal Paint Sealant
E-321/32 $27.00 Notes Super Seal Paint Sealant
E-327/16 $15.50 Notes Gold Edition Car Wax
E-327/32 $23.00 Notes Gold Edition Car Wax
E-328/16 $17.00 Notes Cherry Wet Wax
E-328/32 $25.50 Notes Cherry Wet Wax

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Product Description

The Experts know! We don’t just sell car wax. We use all of our car waxes on high-end auto and truck details through our parent company, Fast Lane Mobile Detail, LLC. Our customers demand the best car wax on the market today, and we delight them every day by using Lane’s Professional car wax products.

Carnauba Supreme Wax
Lane’s Carnauba Wax is a liquid paste that is easy to apply and remove either by hand or orbital buffer. A high, durable, long-lasting shine is what you can expect.

Cherry Wet Wax
Lane’s Cherry Wet Wax is the newest edition to our professional line of car waxes. Cherry Wet Wax will provide your car’s exterior with a high shine and durable protection. Cherry Wet Wax contains additional oils to preserve your paint and provide a high gloss shine minimizing paint imperfections. Cherry Wet Wax is easy to apply and remove leaving no white residue leaving your car’s paint smooth. This wax can be applied by hand or buffer. If you are searching for a wet paint finish, Cherry Wax will amaze you. Now you can use the same Cherry Wax that excite auto detailers and dealerships.

Gold Edition Car Wax
Gold Edition is a professional auto detailing wax. Wax puts a protective layer over your automobile’s paint. To apply wax, use long even strokes, making sure to get an even layer over the sealed paint. Use just enough wax to cover the surface. After the wax dries, buff vigorously with a clean microfiber towel or orbital buffer. Gold Edition is the best car wax on the market guaranteed to give a mirror like finish to your car’s exterior. For maximum deep luster shine after waxing and removing the Gold Edition, use Lane’s Super Seal Paint Sealant to seal the car wax and provide your vehicle’s painted clear-coat with a durable protective coat. Gold Edition Car Wax can be used on any colored car and is clear coat safe.

Quick Wax
This professional auto wax is a free-flowing liquid wax that spreads and wipes off easily, leaving no powder residue. Fast Auto Wax is easy to use by hand or with an orbital buffer. If you are looking for a professional auto wax that performs better in direct sun light, this liquid wax is for you. Professional mobile auto detailers use this auto wax because it is fast and performs better in direct sunlight. If you enjoy waxing your car in the sun this auto wax will provide excellent results.

Super Seal Paint Sealant
Super Seal Paint Sealant – This is the original car paint sealant Sealer Wax. Paint sealants are the final coat applied by hand or auto buffer to clear coat auto painted surfaces. Lane’s Super Seal Paint Sealant creates a dazzling shine and long-lasting protection. This car paint sealant car be removed by hand and will not leave any white residue on plastic moldings or trim.

Triple Play Swirl Mark Remover
The best way to remove swirl marks on your car is to use swirl mark remover. Triple Play swirl mark remover is a state of the art wax product which combines the power of a cutting polish to remove oxidation, the protection of a car wax, and great shine of a glaze all while removing swirl marks and light scratches. Whether you are buffing swirl marks or applying Triple Play by hand you will achieve professional results. You will be amazed at your car’s finish.

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