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E-134/16 Super Dyno Multi-Purpose Degreaser
E-134/32 Super Dyno Multi-Purpose Degreaser
E-134/Gallon Super Dyno Multi-Purpose Degreaser
1 Gallon
E-141/16 Bug Away
E-141/32 Bug Away
E-141/Gallon Bug Away
1 Gallon
E-203/16 Pink Car Shampoo
E-203/32 Pink Car Shampoo
E-206/16 Wash & Shine
E-206/32 Wash & Shine
E-207/16 Grape Wash & Wax
E-207/32 Grape Wash & Wax
E-616/16 Citrus Degreaser Tar Remover
E-616/32 Citrus Degreaser Tar Remover

Product Description

The most important step in your car’s appearance is car washing. This step is often neglected especially when the weather turns bad. However, taking time out of your schedule to wash the dirt, grime and contaminants from your paint will keep your car clean and preserve your car’s clear coat finish.

Bug Away
Removing bugs from auto paint, windows and grills has never been easier. Best of all, Lane’s Bug Away is safe for all cars and clear coat finishes and will loosen and remove bug residue seconds after application. Enjoy your road trip. Now, you can travel on highways and feel confident that love bugs can be removed safely and effectively.

Citrus Degreaser Tar Remover
Citrus Tar Remover is a heavy concentrated solvent mixture with a citrus fragrance for removing of tar, asphalt, road debris and tree sap from your auto paint. Lane’s Citrus Tar Remover is easy to use and is safe for all clear coat finishes. Although tar can damage your paint is left alone for long periods of time, you need a strong tar remover that is going to be safe yet effective in the removing of tar from your auto. Lane’s Tar Remover works well removing tar safely in all areas including windows, windshields, mirrors, bumpers, headlights, grills and the body of your car.

Grape Wash & Wax
Grape Wash and Wax Soap is a high foaming, ph balanced, super concentrated soap for vehicles. This car wash wax produces excellent foaming action clinging to the painted surface then rinses away with ease. Grape Wash and Wax Soap is the perfect for fleet vehicles because it does not streak or leave water spots, even in sunlight. Grape Wash and Wax Soap combines the cleaning strength with a unique grape fragrance

Pink Car Shampoo
Unlike other auto shampoos offered at the retail store level Lane’s shampoo is a safe high-foaming concentrate for your car or auto. When it comes to suds, no worries, 1 or 2 ounces of our shampoo will create enough suds to cover your entire auto. Already have a auto detailing business, add Lane’s car washing shampoo to your arsenal. This shampoo is used by Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail on fleet vehicles, motorcycles, planes and boats to effectively clean by removing dirt and build up from your exterior. If you are planning to wax your vehicle, using Lane’s auto shampoo is a good first step. For cleaning jobs on new and used cars, Pink Car Shampoo will save you time while producing outstanding results.

Super Dyno Multi-Purpose Degreaser
Super Dyno is a concentrated, heavy duty multi-purpose degreaser cleaner that cuts through grease, oil and road film. Super Dyno degreaser quickly and safely degreases engines, wheels, tires, door jams and fuel doors. Super Dyno penetrates grease and grime cutting your cleaning time in half. It does not matter whether you are cleaning engines, degreasing floor mats or door jams Super Dyno does it all.

Wash & Shine
Wash & Shine works great on all colors, especially dark colors, such as red and black. These colors are typically harder to wash because they attract sunlight rays, causing them to dry quicker, making water streaks more apparent. Now, you can minimize those annoying water streaks and feel confident that every time you wash your car you to will achieve that just waxed look.

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