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Lane's Car Products Car Polish Products UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
E-312/16 Renewit Auto Polish
E-312/32 Renewit Auto Polish
E-322/16 Horizon Glaze
E-322/32 Horizon Glaze
E-324/16 Ultimate Glaze Car Polish
E-324/32 Ultimate Glaze Car Polish
E-513/16 Super Cut Synthetic Cutting Compound
E-513/32 Super Cut Synthetic Cutting Compound

Product Description

Use car polish to renew and restore your car’s paint by removing moderate to light surface imperfections. Car Polish (Surface Oxidation Remover) removes tree sap, minor scuff marks and scratches, swirl marks, oxidized car paints/finishes and other hazing.

Horizon Glaze
Glaze Polish is designed for new and used car paint clear coat finishes. This paint polish dries fast for the quickest and easiest detail available. Horizon Glaze Polish provides a deep paint glaze look with extended protection. Best of all, this car glaze can be applied by hand or orbital buffer. If you are looking for a professional glaze shine, Horizon Glaze will amaze you.

Renewit Auto Polish
Renewit, a professional grade auto polish, is formulated with fine polishing agents, silicones and polymers. Using the best auto polish is ideal for removing oxidation and scratches while brightening paint back to its original luster. Renewit is a thick semi-flowing auto polish that cleans polishes and brightens auto paint. Our auto polish works best in conjunction with a buffer on all colors, clear coat safe. With dark colored autos taking a beating from the sun, restore original paint color with Renewit.

Super Cut Synthetic Cutting Compound
Super Cut, a professional auto scratch remover contains no abrasives which makes removing scratches safe and easy. Purchasing a new car is one of the most exciting purchases you will make. Remember, the next time you get those unwanted auto paint scratches, grab your bottle of Lane’s Super Cut scratch remover.

Ultimate Glaze Car Polish
Lane’s Ultimate Glaze is used by auto detailers, dealerships and car fanatics to clean and polish paint, while bringing out a brilliant shine. This car glaze will minimize paint defects on your show car finish.

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