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Hybrid Racing Radiator Hose Insert UNIVERSAL

Brand: Hybrid Racing | Category: Radiator Hoses
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RHI01 Radiator Hose Insert
HYB-RHI-01-05 Radiator Hose Insert
For Coolant Temp & Fan Switch Install

Product Description

What is this used for?

The Hybrid Racing Radiator Hose Insert is designed to be used to insert both the fan switch and temperature sensor into the cooling system on a K swapped vehicle. The hose insert is threaded so that both OEM sensors from your stock engine can be installed onto your K series engine. Without the Insert you would need to drill and tap your engine or radiator for installation.This allows your cluster temperature gauge and fan to function properly. For the temperature sensors to function properly, they need to have a good ground signal. The Hybrid Racing Radiator Hose Insert features a threaded grounding post, so that a ground line can be run from it to the chassis, to ensure proper grounding of the temperature sensors.

Our Radiator Hose Inserts are machined from 6061 billet aluminum, given a T6 heat treatment, and hard anodized in black for long lasting durability on the street and on the track.

Why should I use this over the shiny billet ones on the market?

The unfinished billet will start to corrode over time. This is due to galvanic corrosion (corrosion caused by dissimilar metals that are submerged in water together). If left uncleaned, the sensors can malfunction and you could over heat your engine. Galvanic corrosion is not nearly as noticable on an anodized part, as the metal is not exposed to the water.

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