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Brand: HKS | Category: Electronic Accessories


1499-RA001 One Way Valve
14999-AK018 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 4mm
14999-AK019 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 6mm
14999-AK020 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 8mm
14999-AK021 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 10mm
14999-AK023 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 19mm
14999-AK025 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 22mm
14999-AK027 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 35mm
14999-AK026 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 29mm
18006-AK002 Tee-Fitting
Size 6-4-6mm
1806-SA002 Tee-Fitting
Size 6-6-6mm
18006-AK004 Tee-Fitting
Size 4-6-4mm
18006-AK001 Tee-Fitting
Size 4-4-4mm
1806-SA032 Reducer Fitting
Size 8-12mm
18006-AK018 Reducer Fitting
Size 8-10mm
1806-SA038 Reducer Fitting
Size 4-6mm
4599-RA015 EVC Scramble Boost Control Trigger Switch
For EVC III, IV & PRO Only
4599-RA016 Mini Vacuum Filter
Hose ID 6mm
4599-RA017 Mini Vacuum Filter
Hose ID 4mm
45999-AK008 EVC VI Display Unit Extension Harness
Length 1 Meter
45999-AK009 EVC VI Control Unit Extension Harness
Length 1 Meter
45999-AK011 EVC Scramble Boost Control Trigger Switch, For EVC VI Only
90413-120612 Tee-Fitting
Size 12-6-12mm
90413-160616 Tee-Fitting
Size 16-6-16mm
90461-010004 Vacuum Hose
Hose ID 4mm
Length 305mm (1 Foot)
90461-010006 Vacuum Hose
Hose ID 6mm
Length 305mm (1 Foot)
53002-AK001 Display Stand
4599-RA008 EVC Universal Hose Set for Poppet Valve Applications
Color Black
4599-RA009 EVC Universal Hose Set for Twin Turbo Applications
Color Black
4599-RA010 EVC Universal Hose Set 4mm
Color Black
18006-AK003 Tee-Fitting
45999-AK018 EVC VI Main Harnesses
3 Pin to 5 Pin/Power
45999-AK019 EVC VI Power Harnesses
45999-AK020 EVC VI Extension Harnesses, 5 Pin to 5 Pin
1806-SA016 Tee-Fitting
Material Metal
Specs 16-8-16mm
18006-AK016 Reducer Fitting
Size 4-6mm
14999-AK024 Vacuum Cap
Hose ID 20mm

Product Description

The HKS EVC is the hottest Boost Controller on the market – but it can always be better. Grab a Display Stand or Harness to complete that custom Install. Need some T-Fittings or Vacuum Hose when installing your unit? We got you covered.

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