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Heatshield Products Component Specific Heat Shields UNIVERSAL


070001 HP Stack Sack, 5in Diameter Stack x 8in tall
070002 HP Stack Sack, 6in Diameter Stack x 10in tall
070003 HP Stack Sack, 7in Diameter Stack x 10in tall
070004 HP Stack Sack, 8in Diameter Stack x 12in tall
500025 HP Starter Shield
Medium Size Starters
7in x 211/4in
501000 HP Starter Shield
Medium Size Starters
71/4in x 213/4in
501010 HP Starter Shield
High-Torque Starters
31/2in x 18in
502000 HP Distributor Shield
7in x 221/2in
700201 Fuel Rail Shield, Aeromotive®# 14103
700202 Fuel Rail Shield, Aeromotive® #14130
700230 Fuel Rail Shield, Aeromotive® #14115
700231 Fuel Rail Shield, Aeromotive® #14142
700250 Fuel Rail Shield, Aeromotive® #14146
274400 CIS Cool Intake System
3in-4in Adjustable ID x 3ftL

Product Description

Heat shields for specific vehicle components improved reliability, improved efficiency and performance – air intake shield, fuel rails, starter motors, distributors, fuel jugs, and drums.

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