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Haltech ECU Output - Trim Module UNIVERSAL

Brand: Haltech | Category: Electronic Accessories
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
HT010502 Boost/Fuel/Ign Trim Module
Suit Platinum Sport 1000/2000
Long or Short Harness
HT-010500 Boost/Fuel/Ign Trim Module
For E8/E11 & Most Patch Harness
Please confirm plug type
HT-010502 Boost/Fuel/Ign Trim Module
For Platinum Sport 1000/2000
Long or Short Harness
HT-010506 Universal Trim Module (Boost/Fuel/Ign etc)
Includes HT-031014 - Matching Set of Deutsch DTM 3 Connectors

Product Description

The Haltech Trim Module gives the operator a remote access control for finely adjusting either turbo boost, fuel or ignition trim. Can be used with or without a PC connected to the ECU. Ideal for tuning whilst on the dynamometer.

It is suitable for use with current model ECU’s* and supports:

  • +/- 12.5% fuel mixture
  • +/- 50% fuel mixture
  • +/- 10 degrees ignition timing
  • +/- 10 degrees trailing split (Rotary engines only)
  • 0 – 100% turbo boost control

  • Pro Harness is only supported when used in conjunction with the I/O Expander 12 and 1.10 and above firmware.

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