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GReddy Infometer Touch UNIVERSAL

Brand: GReddy | Category: Electronic Accessories


16001604 Informeter-TOUCH
16401702 Sensor Adapter
16401703 Pressure Sensor Harness
16401704 Tempature Sensor Harness
16401700 Non-OBD Adapter Harness
16401701 Serial COM Harness
16401705 Informeter Touch
Sensor Adapter Non-OBD
16401706 Informeter Touch
OBD Harness
16401800 Informeter Touch
Boost Sensor Set
16401801 Informeter Touch
Temp Sensor Set
16401802 Informeter Touch
Pressure Sensor Set

Product Description

Informeter Touch

Powerful and user-friendly, the new Info-Touch provides advanced engine monitoring, with touch screen ease. Installation of the 3.5” Color TFT unit is made simple with the provided OBD/CAN and 12V cigarette lighter plugs. The Info-Touch is ideal for most vehicles, from stock cars to highly-tuned street machines. Depending on vehicle, the unit can display from a large list of factory ECU signal Items, estimate Power with a weight/acceleration run, estimate Fuel Economy and Cost in Eco mode, Data-log up to 15 minutes of info, and read/reset DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes,) And by simply touching the controls, you may select from choices of viewing the screen vertically or horizontally in 5 pre-set patterns and 6 meter styles: [Digital, Bar meter, Needle meter, Circle bar, Graph, & Chart]. Other features include, options for English or Japanese, SAE or Metric readings, Peak-hold memory, visual/audio programmable warning values and selectable scales. The Info-Touch also has options for displaying external signals from other GReddy units like the v-manage and f-manage or even non-GReddy units like A/F meters and more.


  • Up to 53 Items possible
  • 3.5” TFT color touch screen
  • ISO 14230, CAN, Non OBD
  • 3-way display direction
  • 6 read-out styles:
    Digital, Bar meter, Needle meter,
    Circle bar, Graph, Chart
  • 5 display patterns:
    Couple, Tandem, Lord/Tenant,
    Couple/3 Fold, 6 Fold
  • DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
    Reading & Resetting (depending on vehicle.)
  • 15 minute dataloging & playback
  • English or Japanese language
  • Metric or SAE measurements
  • Eco-drive, Fuel Economy, Power estimators
  • GReddy v-manage, f-manage compatible
  • External Signal monitoring possibilities
  • Programmable Warning Alarms (visual/audio)
  • Programmable Max/Min Scales
  • Peak Hold Memory (LO / HI)
  • Selectable background patterns
  • Day/Night settings
  • Size 75mm x 107mm x d16mm

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