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Fujita 5 Super Flow Intake Filter UNIVERSAL

Brand: Fujita 5 | Category: Universal Filters
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
F5-250S Replacement Filter
Diameter 2.50in
Size 4.625in x 6.00in
F5-275S Replacement Filter
Diameter 2.75in
Size 4.625in x 6.00in
F5-300S Replacement Filter
Diameter 3.00in
Size 4.625in x 6.00in
F5-350L Replacement Filter
Diameter 3.50in
Size 4.625in x 6.00in x 10.25in (Long)
F5-350S Replacement Filter
Diameter 3.50in
Size 4.625in x 6.00in
F5-400L Replacement Filter
Diameter 4.00in
Size 4.625in x 6.00in x 10.25in (Long)
F5-450S Replacement Filter
Diameter 4.50in
Size 4.625in x 6.00in

Product Description

Fujita 5’s Super Flow High Performance Air Filter™ was designed to maximize efficiency without compromising filtration. The high gloss Fujita 5 air horn enables air to enter the intake chamber in a high velocity spiral motion. The base of the filter was technically engineered to ensure a smooth and rapid passage of the air into the intake chamber.

Cleaning the air filter is simple and can be done using any aftermarket filter cleaning kit offered in today’s market. Available sizes are 2.50”, 2.75”, 3.00” and 3.50” opening bases. The filters dimensions are 4.625” top, 6.00” base, and 6.75” in length (Some filters available in 10.25” length).

Air Filters come pre-oiled ready to install. Oiling not necessary.

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