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EXEDY Technics Auto Trans Steels

Brand: EXEDY Technics | Category: Clutches

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Product Description

Mating plates are used in conjunction with friction discs as the reactionary element. In addition to transmitting the reaction torque, they assist with absorbing heat as a result of speed change. EXEDY uses specially-made high-quality steel to ensure durability, and have several processes in place that control surface finish to maintain friction requirements.

  • Tier 1 OEM supplier of automatic clutch plates since the 1970’s
  • EXEDY steel plates have the proper hardness and surface roughness averages required by the OE’s to work correctly with the friction material.
  • EXEDY manufactures nearly 25 million plates for the OE’s worldwide, per month!
  • Stringent quality control measures in place to ensure OEM customer satisfaction

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