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Driven Speed Lube UNIVERSAL

Brand: Driven Racing Oil | Category: Lubricants
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50090 Speed Lube
Size 8oz Spray Bottle
50091 Speed Lube
Case of 12
50094 Speed Lube
Pallet of 80 Cases of 12

Product Description

Utilizing technology derived from Driven’s championship-proven race oils, Speed Lube is a tenacious spray lubricant for all types of chains, linkages, heim joints and bearings. These parts are often left uncleaned, leading to harmful buildup. Speed Lube comes in a convenient aerosol spray can and is specially formulated to provide maximum penetration, lubrication and corrosion protection in hostile environments. It utilizes a proprietary additive package that features a variety of adhesion and anti-wear properties, and it is designed for extended intervals between applications.

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