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DiabloSport Catch Can

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Product Description

The DiabloSport Catch Can is exactly what it sounds like, a small can which is installed under your hood and is designed to “catch” any oil spillover before it enters into your intake manifold. Eliminate all of that oil being transferred into your intake manifold through the factory PCV system decreasing the horsepower, torque, performance and life span of your vehicle. The DiabloSport Catch Can is easily installed and immediately “catches” all of that engine oil before it can be transferred into one of your vehicle’s most important components, the intake manifold. Oil deposited in the manifold will drip into the combustion chamber causing an increased chance of spark knock. The DiabloSport Catch Can will directly increase the overall performance of your vehicle by keeping your intake manifold clean and operating at it’s maximum performance. Supports MOPAR 5.7L cars, 6.1L cars, SRT-4’s, and Jeep SRT-8’s.


  • Dual top chamber with built in filter to ensure high flow while still “catching” all oil spillover
  • Each Product is custom machined and etched with the DiabloSport Logo
  • 100% sealed with additonal O-ring to ensure 0 leaks
  • Oil Resistant PVC hose included with all Catch Can kits
  • Composite aerospace fittings
  • Adjustable mount (using provided hose for location)
  • Ridged bottom to provide ease of unscrewing the can
  • DiabloSport satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Tech Support
  • One year warranty against manufacture defects

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