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Dezod Motorsports Performance Short Blocks SCION

Brand: Dezod Motorsports | Category: Engine Blocks

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2005 - 2006 TC ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL Complete assembled engine for 05-06 engines without oil squirters
Click For More Info 2007 - 2010 TC ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL Complete assembled engine for 07-10 engines with oil squirters
Click For More Info 2011 - 2014 TC ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL Complete assembled 2ARFE engine

Product Description

No gimmicks, no gaffs, no BS! This block is what you want and exactly what you need to make safe, reliable power over 350whp on your 2AZFE engine. This program requires you the customer to provide us with a “usable” core. A usable core must be complete and includes: non-scored crank, main caps and main bolts.**

The block comes into our facility and goes through a rigorous inspection process followed by a jet wash to ensure all of the old oil and residue is removed from the block before we dig into it. We elect not to media blast because the material never comes off of the block entirely and left in there will begin to eat your bearings alive. Simply not a good move.

After inspection and cleaning, the block bored and honed to spec for the Wiseco Pistons ensuring a tight tolerances piston to wall clearance. Following that, we take the deck surface true to ensure we have a fresh mating surface and proper seal once the head is placed back on the block.

Since we provide main studs and our competitors do not, we must align bore the block due to the different fastener. This step is also critical with respect the new ACL Race main bearings and their geometry to the crank and block.

The rotating assembly is then balanced along with every component within a 1/10th of a gram. That’s right! We take the tolerances that tight. Your average race team will run a 1 gram tolerance, however we take it the extra step with added value for you to ensure you get the best.

Lastly, the motor is hand washed and ready for a final assembly in which the entire engine built to specifications and tolerances we have proven to work over countless builds.

Notable items:

- Usable customer core pricing – Pricing is based on customer providing re-buildable, disassembled short block with only bare block, crank, main caps and main bolts. The block must be free from defects, have a good crank (that doesn’t need to be cut) and no physical defects like broken mounts, missing studs and/or holes, cracks etc.**

- Price does not include shipping.

- Average three week turnaround time, from the time we receive the block to the time we ship it back to the customer.

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