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Davies Craig Power Steering Oil Cooler UNIVERSAL

Brand: Davies Craig | Category: Oil Coolers
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
1009 Power Steering Oil Cooler
Core Size (LxW) 148mm x64mm
0579 Power Steering Quick Fit Kit

Product Description

A Davies Craig Power Steering Oil Cooler removes destructive heat generated within a power
steering system, especially in vehicles with large tires such as performance vehicles, off-road vehicles and vehicles used for towing or carrying heavy loads.

Installation of a power steering oil cooler will prolong the life of the system’s pump, hoses, and seals. A reduction of just 11°C (20°F) can double the life of power steering, the fluid and all internal parts.

When replacing a Power Steering Cooler, you will need to fit new nylon ties. Use only the Davies, Craig “Quick Fit Kit” – Part #0579

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