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datatoys Multi View Video Processor UNIVERSAL

Brand: datatoys | Category: Interior Products
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DT-MVIEW-PLUS Multi-View Quattro-b
Single Camera
DT-MVIEW-CABLE Multi-View Quattro-b
Cable Pack
DT-MVIEW-PLUS3 Multi-View Quattro-b
Tri Camera
DT-MVIEW-PLUS4 Multi-View Quattro-b
Quad Camera
DT-MVIEW-B Multi-View Quattro-b
Base Kit
DT-MVIEW-PLUS2 Multi-View Quattro-b
Dual Camera

Product Description

Multi-view picture in picture processor, sometimes also referred to as a “PIP video processor” or “MultiView Quattro,” seamlessly merges one (1), two (2), three (3) or four (4) video camera inputs into a single (1) video output. Compatible with all PAL, SECAM and NTSC recorders and cameras with analog video connection.

The Multi-View Quattro-b Video Processor
The Multi-View Quattro-b processes video from 4 cameras and seamlessly converts them into one output, enabling you to watch the action on one screen. The Quattro-b has four inputs, built-in telemetry, and a dual axis accelerometer that’s accurate to .01 G.

With 38 selectable picture modes, 13 selectable accelerometer and clock settings, and upgraded firmware to optimize picture quality for both PAL and NTSC formats, the Quattro-b gives you unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Your settings are automatically saved when the unit is powered down.

Built for toughness, the Quattro-b has a solid metal enclosure, built in LCD display, and an easy to install single harness connection with an instrument grade Binder 712Info high density micro connector.


  • Multi-View Quattro-b Video Processor
    o On-Screen AccelerometerInfo
    o 38 Picture Modes
    o 13 Accelerometer Modes
  • Binder 712 HarnessInfo
    o 4 Video Inputs
    o 1 Video Output
  • Sony 580 Line Bullet Camera
  • Super Clamp Mount
  • 2 meter extension cable
  • Click Mount
  • Universal Mount
  • RCA Video Out Cable
  • Durable Storage Case

Dual, Triple and Quad Camera kits include appropriate number of additional Cameras & Mounts. \
Base Kit include no Cameras nor Mounts.

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