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CP Pistons - X Series

Brand: CP Pistons | Category: Pistons

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Product Description

Our new X series pistons are designed to fit the air cooled Porsche 911 engines including 3.0 Liter SC, 3.2 Liter Carrera, 3.6 Liter and 3.8 Liter RSR. Manufactured from 2618 alloy, the pistons utilize a narrow pin boss forging and come with heavy duty pins for extra strength. Pistons include full 3-D under crown milling, normally only found on custom pistons, insuring the lightest possible piston. Each piston features anti-detonation grooves, accumulator grooves, double pin oil with broach, our wire lox system with installation tool and a set of CPN rings, consisting of gas nitride top ring with napier cut second. X style forgings covers 4 bore sizes ranging from 95 MM, 98 mm, 100 MM and 102 MM. This complete package is the most modern available for the vintage 911 engine.


  • Deep Valve Reliefs
  • Anti-Detonation Grooves
  • 1mm Gas Nitrite Top Ring
  • 1.2mm Napier Cut Second Ring
  • 2.8 mm Nitrite Coated Oil Rings
  • New Skirt Cam
  • Full 3D Under Crown Milling
  • Accumulator Grooves
  • New X Forgings
  • Double Pin Oil with Broach
  • Wire Locks

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