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Cobalt Friction Brake Pads - XR5

Brand: Cobalt Friction | Category: Brake Pads

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Product Description

Cobalt Friction XR5 Brake Pads are highly specialized low-medium torque compound designed for rear-axle applications in vehicles exhibiting rapid and high levels of weight transfer under braking (e.g. front wheel drive touring cars). Solid initial bite and a flat torque profile which transitions to a slightly negative slope during the last 60-75% of a brake zone eliminates rear lock-up.

Compound Characteristics

  • Temperature Range – 50-1000°F (38-871°C)
  • Intial Bite/Attack – Solid
  • Torque Level & Profile – Low-Medium + Negative Ramp
  • Modulation – Excellent
  • Release – Excellent
  • Consistency (across temp. range) – Excellent
  • Consistency (throughout pad depth) – Excellent
  • Pad Wear & Finish – Excellent (no edge crumbling or chipping)
  • Pad Wear Rate-of-Change – < 5.0%-ROC from New-to-End of Life
  • Disc Wear & Finish – Excellent (no grooving or cupping)

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