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Bully Dog Auto Nitrous Kit UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
47021-2 Nitrous Nozzle
Color Silver
Size 0.005"
47021-3 Nitrous Nozzle
Color Blue
Size 0.081"
47021-4 Nitrous Nozzle
Color Gold
Size 0.125"
47021 Nitrous Nozzle Kit
Includes 4 Nozzles
Size 0.04", 0.005", 0.081", 0.125"
47000 Auto Nitrous Kit
47021-1 Nitrous Nozzle
Color Red
Size 0.04"

Product Description

Use the Bully Dog Nitrous kit with your existing solenoids along with a Bully Dog Watchdog or GT Diesel. It’s the only unit currently that communicates through OBD II Port allowing you to program your trigger points based on Pyro, Speed, Boost and RPM. Keep your eyes on the track and your hands on the wheel as this easy to install kit does the rest for you.

With this kit you will get:

  • 1 master solenoid relay with kill switch
  • Wiring harness that can connect up to 4 nitrous solenoids
  • Control Module

Once connected with a Bully Dog Watchdog or GT Diesel you will have:

  • 5 programmable stages
  • 5 trigger parameters
    Pyro 1
    Pyro 2

You can also set throttle position when solenoid should be triggered.

You will also benefit from:

  • No sensors to install.
  • One unit can set/view/change parameters/shot size in the truck in seconds.
  • No going to a computer and changing parameters and reloading the program.
  • Monitor truck parameter as you use the product.
  • Use with a nitrous or other injection kits.
  • Clean and easy to install.

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