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Buddy Club Exhaust - Spec IV

Brand: Buddy Club | Category: Exhaust Systems

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Product Description

Buddy Club Spec IV Exhaust systems adheres to the same basic principles used in all of our RACING SPEC mufflers – straight through design and light-weight for efficient exhaust flow. The Buddy Club Spec IV muffler has additional built in silencing cavities in the muffler, making it substantially quieter than our Spec III and and Spec III Pro systems without having to use a separate bolt-in silencer.

Buddy Club Spec IV Exhaust systems strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and adequate noise suppression. Other available systems employ noise suppressing techniques that has a high level of exhaust resistance such as chambers and restrictive fiberglass exhaust padding. All of our exhaust systems are designed with a straight through design. There simply is no other alternative that will yield the least amount of exhaust flow resistance. Our key to our SPEC IV design is in the silencer.

Under cruising conditions or when your engine is not being pushed to its limits, exhaust flow spreads further out and into the special packing material in our silencer due to our unique design.

Under high performance conditions, exhaust flow maintains a straight flow and exits our RACING SPEC IV system without being obstructed by chambers or being forced through silencing materials.

Main piping from the cat end all the way to the muffler uses 1mm thick SUS 304 polished stainless steel. 0.8mm thick SUS 304 polished stainless steel is used for the construction of the main silencer.

Band Stay clamps are used to attatch the exhaust hangers that are on the muffler to ensure durability.

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