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BRIDE Reclining Seat - CUGA Type HL

Brand: Bride | Category: Seats

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Product Description

The BRIDE CUGA Type HL (Hyper Low) Reclining Seat is more lightweight, more durable, and more stylish. BRIDE has spent two years developing this new line of reclining seat. Adopting the fill monocoque backrest and precise handmade details makes the BRIDE CUGA Type HL a true work of art. As a testament to it’s ingenious design the BRIDE CUGA Type HL weighs in at 25% less then other reclining seats.

The BRIDE CUGA Type HL is the ultimate in low mounting seats for vehicles that need it. Built specifically for Skylines, Silvias, 240SXs, 350Zs, G35s, MR2 Spyders, RX-8s and more!

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