7034-11012 - AWE Tuning Turbo - GT28-71R Kit

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Part #: 7034-11012
Notes: GT28-71R Turbo Kit
Your Price: $6,999.00

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Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2006 - 2008 A4 ALL L4 2.0 T ALL ALL Avant;Sedan; Manual Trans
2006 - 2008 A4 QUATTRO ALL L4 2.0 T ALL ALL Avant;Sedan; Manual Trans

Product Description

AWE Tuning is proud to release the B7 A4 2.0T GT28-71R Turbo Kit, the result of over two years of research and development by our world class engineering and development team.

Our GT28-71R Turbo Kit is the ultimate performance upgrade for the B7 platform, developing 377 crank horsepower and 317 crank torque when coupled with our optional B7 A4 Front Mounted Intercooler.

Using the highest quality components the auto industry has to offer, this bolt-on upgrade will utterly transform the small two liter engine while maintaining factory smooth drivability and unmatched reliability for the stock internals.

Highlights of this Kit

  • Garrett GT28-71R built to AWE Tuning specifications
  • AWE Tuning cast exhaust manifold
  • German made HJS 200 cell catalytic converter assembly
  • AWE Tuning high flow fuel injectors
  • Proprietary G.I.A.C. software calibration
  • Custom Nomex fiber reinforced silicone boost hoses

Note: A high pressure fuel pump is required for operation.

Over the years, OEMs have been raising operating temps of their engines to achieve better efficiency and improve emissions. They have also begun using new materials that are able to deal with the added stress of these high temperatures. A run of the mill aftermarket cast exhaust manifold would not be able to withstand the temperatures of the 2.0T.

Designed and developed in-house, our exhaust manifold is cast from a state of the art high temperature resistant stainless steel alloy, similar in composition to what Audi specified for their latest generation of turbocharger exhaust manifolds. For the same reasons, we have chosen to use a similar alloy for the turbine housing of the GT28-71.

Continuing our tradition of providing leading performance enhancements, we include a catalytic converter in this kit and are the only company in the industry to do so. Our catalytic converter assembly features a German made high flow 200 cell HJS catalyst.

With the help of G.I.A.C., we have developed a world-class performance software calibration for this kit. It allows you the freedom to switch between the following files on the fly when using the handheld Flashloader:

  • Pump Fuel
  • Valet (Low Power) Mode
  • Ignition Kill Security (no start antitheft)

This entire kit has been extensively street and track tested on a variety of fuels on multiple vehicles across the US. Its combination of astonishing power output, environmentally friendly performance, and factory smooth drivability is absolutely unmatched.

There is a $200 trade in discount for clients who already have G.I.A.C.’s B7 A4 2.0T software.

Please note that a high flow performance exhaust system is required for use with this kit, as is a high pressure fuel pump. Stock intercoolers can be used, but only with a detuned software file that we can provide. Also please note that we also have a 91 octane specific software file, and power output is slightly less than 93 octane power claims above.

Cars with VIN # > 6A1650000 require a different PCV valve which we be included in the kit for an additional $35.

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