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ARK Design Multi Function Dash (MFD)

Brand: ARK Design | Category: Gauges

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Product Description

The ARK Design Multi Function Dash (MFD) can monitor 10 different vehicle vitals: Boost/Vacuum, Water Temperature, RPM, Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position, Injector Duty Cycle, O2 A/F Signal, Secondary Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, and Oil Pressure. Peak hold and warning functions are available for all 10 vehicle vitals. The warning function provides an audible and/or visual notification when a user defined level is reached.

The MFD’s 2.4’’ widescreen color TFT display offers outstanding clarity in all lighting conditions. Six different display options are available where one, two, four or even eight vehicle vitals can be viewed at a single time. Users can choose from a traditional analog meter view or a digital bar graph display. The versatility of the MFD’s display is not limited to just what the screen displays, but also how a user prefers the control panel positioned. The MFD has the unique ability where its display can be rotated 180 degrees, so a user can choose to have the controls on the right or left of the screen.

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