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Brand: ARC | Category: Coolant Additive
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ALLC05 Super Racing Coolant
20L Bottle
ALLC03 Super Long Life Coolant
2L Bottle
ALLC04 Super Racing Coolant
4L Bottle

Product Description

Super LLC Coolant
ARC Super LLC (Long Life Coolant) is ideal for hi-performance aluminum radiators. Anti corrosion inhabitants guarantees long term performance and reduced temperature insure peak performance.

The superior performance of the ARC Super LLC Coolant is GT Championship race-proven and ready for your vehicle.

Super Racing Coolant
ARC Super Racing Coolant prevents power loss of engine regarding cooling as importance. A coolant for race to change circuit driving in summer.

It was developed as a coolant for summer. Antifreezing temperature is set at 0℃ for obtaining a specification of cooling as the first priority. Further, it has an excellent rust proof performance, and prevents occurrence of cavity erosion-corrosion.

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