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APEXi GT Hybrid Intercooler

Brand: APEXi Integration | Category: Intercooler Kits

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Product Description

The Hybrid Intercooler is designed to cool intake air temperatures going into the engine. Cold air is packed densely with air molecules and promotes more combustion within the motor. This equates to more power potential. The Hybrid Inter-cooler Series uses an exclusive cross flow design on all the cores. These cores are the only cores designed specifically for front mount applications.

The front of the core uses a delta wedge face with two different types of fins. The fins at the base of the delta wedge are tightly packed, while the fins at the top of the delta wedge are loosely packed. This channels the air hitting the front of the intercooler to the tightly packed fins at the base of the delta wedge for maximum cooling. The loosely packed fins at the top of the delta wedge prevent any unnecessary wind turbulence.

The fins on the back side of the intercooler extend out to the same length to “shoot” the air into the radiator without excess turbulence. A’PEXi is the only manufacturer with this patented design. A quick look through popular racing magazines will show the unmistakable Hybrid Intercooler sitting comfortably in the front bumper of many race and street cars.

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