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APEXi AX Turbo Kit

Brand: APEXi Integration | Category: Turbo Kits

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Product Description

The AX turbo kits are a factory replacement style turbo kit. All of the turbos are manufactured by IHI under A’PEXi engineering specs. The AX turbo incorporates the AIRICK system. The AIRICK system incorporates a patented material in between the compressor housing and the compressor blade. The insertion of this material allows near 0 clearance between the blade and housing improving compressor efficiency by almost 5-6% all across the board. AIRICK also lowers compressor outlet temperatures under high load by 50-68 degrees F. This not only improves overall maximum output, but improves the boost response right before the intercept point of the turbine.

AX turbos come with a high precision internal wastegate actuator for quick and stable boost control. The actuator rod is adjustable allowing the user to preset the wastegate to suit a variety of driving styles.

AX turbos come in three main variations. Each model is available in various exhaust housing trims.

AX53B60 and AX53B70
These are the same turbos utilized in our 600 HP twin turbo Drag Integra. This series can be found on our Honda and Skyline GTR ( twin configuration) turbo kits. These turbos are designed for rapid spool up, extreme efficiency, and low to mid range power bands. Turbo capacity ranges from 300HP for the B60 and up to 600HP for the B70 depending upon application. These turbos are also ideal for twin turbo replacement configurations.

The new AX75 turbo is currently the largest single turbo from A’PEXi. The AX75 is capable of up to 650HP. This turbo is designed for use with external wastegates and achieves 600HP performance while retaining excellent mid-range response.

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