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Agency Power Turbo Kit - Mitsubishi Evo GT30R/GT35R MITSUBISHI

Brand: Agency Power | Category: Turbo Kits

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Click For More Info 2003 - 2005 LANCER EVOLUTION
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Click For More Info 2008 - 2014 LANCER EVOLUTION GSR

Product Description

Evolution VIII/IX

Agency Power released their first EVO turbo kit back in 2004 for the original EVO VIII. This piece was put to the test on big tracks like Willow Springs and Buttonwillow in California, as well as many others here in Arizona. We upgraded the original design which used a T3/T4 turbo to Garrett GT turbos and now, Agency Power has completely redesigned the EVO VIII and IX turbo kit. The new GT turbo kit features a redesigned high flow header with a true merged collector. Using all 321 stainless steel and precision TIG welds, the header is designed to maximize your power and improve turbo spool up. Using thick CNC machined flanges, the kit will bolt up without any modifications to the factory radiator assembly. The kit uses either a GT35R or GT30R turbo and a Tial 38mm external wastegate. The kit includes the O2 housing which connects via a band clamp to the supplied high flow 3 inch downpipe. The external wastegate dump pipe bolts to the wastegate and is routed in a safe manner.

To further improve the kit, Agency Power includes a lower intercooler pipe to fit with the factory or aftermarket intercoolers. This intercooler pipe is then finished in a textured black color. We also supply a new turbo suction pipe which features a blow off valve return port. This is also finished in a textured black color. If you are retaining your factory MAF sensor, we include our CNC machined aluminum MAF adapter and K&N high flow cone air filter. The kit then includes all necessary oil and water lines with fittings needed to connect to the factory locations. Finally, we supply Agency Power 5ply silicone couplers and all necessary clamps needed.

As tested on a stock 4G63 motor, we have seen this turbo setup produce more then 550 horsepower and on a built 2.3L or 2.4L engine in excess of 700 horsepower. Corresponding components are necessary to maximize performance. These components would include: ECU Tuning, Larger Injectors, Exhaust, Intercooler, Cams, Spark Plugs, and other related performance

Evolution X
Agency Power is proud to be the first in the world to release a complete Garrett bolt on turbo upgrade for the new Mitsubishi EVO X. This turbo upgrade features all the hard parts you need to take your EVO X to the next level.

The turbo kit features all made in the USA components which are a direct replacement for the OEM turbo parts. The hand made TIG welded header features a true merged collector for proper exhaust flow. The ½ inch thick stainless steel flange is CNC machined for a precise flush fit to the engine. From the header, we run twin Tial 44mm external wastegates with V-Band clamps that run dump tubes straight to the ground. Each dump tube features a flex joint and bracket for a secure fit as it shoots flames from the serious power. The kit features a new turbo suction pipe and upper intercooler pipe needed to match up to the twin scroll Garrett GT35R turbo. The intercooler pipe is a 2 piece unit with a bracket for a secure fit on the radiator support beam. The intercooler pipe fits to the stock or aftermarket front mount intercooler with the provided silicone coupler. This pipe is available in a polished finish. The turbo suction pipe is designed to mount up to the stock air intake system or the Agency Power short ram intake. It features the provisions for the blow off valve return, breather line, and boost fittings necessary like OEM. To keep the Garrett GT35R turbo cool, Agency Power supplies proper water and oil lines with fittings to bolt up to the factory locations.

The large GT35R twin scroll turbo mounts to the exhaust system by a V-Band clamp 3 inch downpipe. The downpipe has a flex joint to provide necessary room for movement as the engine flexes its massive power. The downpipe is designed to bolt up to the factory catalytic converter or our Agency Power Cat Delete Pipe. This twin scroll GT35R turbocharger provides the 2.0L engine with quick spool up and serious top end power. Based on the dyno sheets, you can see peak boost being achieved in the mid range RPM’s. That makes this kit a great daily driver and road racing turbo setup as well having the ability to run low 11 second quarter mile times.

With the sold separately Agency Power parts including a Front Mount Intercooler, Catback Exhaust, Cat Delete Pipe, Short Ram Intake, Upgraded Injectors, Upgraded Fuel Pump, and ECU Flash, this bolt on kit put down 510 horsepower on 91 octane at 20psi of boost and 600 horsepower on C16 race gas with stock internals. The C16 race gas map at 30psi of boost held a perfect air fuel reading. With further custom tuning, the addition of larger camshafts, and stronger head studs, this turbo kit will produce an easy 650-700 horsepower.

The Agency Power GT35R Twin Scroll Turbo Kit for the new Mitsubishi EVO X is available through authorized Agency Power EVO X parts distributors ONLY. The kit includes: 1 x Twin Scroll GT35R Turbo, 2 x Tial 44mm External Wastegates, Oil Lines w/Fittings, Water Lines w/Fittings, 1 x Twin Scroll Header, 2 x Wastegate Dump Tubes, 1 × 3 inch Downpipe, 1 × 2piece Upper Intercooler Pipe, 1 x Turbo Suction Pipe.

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