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AEM Peak & Hold Injector Driver UNIVERSAL

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30-2710 Peak & Hold Injector Driver
35-3901 Outlet Harness
Use w/ AEM Part # 30-2710

Product Description

AEM’s external Peak & Hold Injector Driver module allows ECU’s that have a saturated injector drive circuit to trigger low impedance injectors with a true 4/1 Peak & Hold injector drive circuit.

AEM’s Peak & Hold Injector Driver contains 10 independent injector drive channels. Each channel supplies full battery voltage to a fuel injector for rapid current rise, in order to produce positive injector opening. When load current reaches 4.1A (amps), the injector driver reduces the load current to 1.1A and operates as a constant current source. This condition holds the injector open, and reduces system power dissipation. If the current fails to reach 4.1A within 5mS, the driver module automatically reduces the load current to 1.1A.

Installation is straightforward. Users simply hook the injector trigger wires from an ECU to the module, and then hook the output wires from the module to your injectors. Any number of channels can be used from one to 10.

  • For high-output engines that have exceeded the capacity of high-impedance injectors
  • Includes 10 independent injector drive channels for any engine up to V10
  • Complete wiring system included
  • Operating Voltage: 8-18 volts, negative ground
  • RPM Capability: Unlimited
  • Injector Triggers: 10
  • Trigger Waveform: Output is activated when input trigger is grounded
  • Trigger Impedance: 220 Ohm input impedance, pulled to 12V (60 mA draw)
  • Injector Outputs: 10
  • Output Current High: 4.15A Peak, Typical
  • Output Current Low: 1.15A Sustain, Typical
  • Peak Current Timeout: 5mS
  • Size: 5.5”L x 4.6”W x 1.4”H
  • Weight: 2.7 Lbs
  • Over Temperature Shutdown: 115C (Nominal)

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